Climate Change Campaigns show the price we pay at the cost of nature

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Climate Change Campaigns

Presenting a few of the 'hottest' and the most 'disruptive' Climate Change Campaigns from over the years, to celebrate World Environment Day.

2016 is the hottest year on record, 2019 is second, and the past decade has been the hottest decade ever. Climate Change campaigns have turned from being a need of the hour to a need for a future, to foster change.

There have been umpteen times that Climate Activists, Humanitarian Organizations, and Goodwill Ambassadors have used their medium to raise awareness. We've seen several campaigns over the years.

Celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Dia Mirza, and more, often use their presence to communicate the atrocities of climate change, DiCaprio even conveyed it while accepting his " target="_blank">Oscar.

In the process of globalization, various elements have exploited the environment under the garb of 'economic development'.

Even though, Co2 emissions plunged by 17% (Source: Nature Climate Change), illegal mining, poaching, and deforestation are all on the rise, because of reduced policing. Cyclones, Wildfires, Pollution, and all other disasters natural or man-made, somehow are man-made. Climate Change is real and it is man-made. We may even be headed towards the sixth mass extinction.

This is why the power of communication and creativity needs to be harnessed time & again, and mediums that have a voice need to be used because we won't stop, until the ones destroying this planet will.

Thus, here we present campaigns that paint a picture of the mess we've created and the steps that can be taken.

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Julia Roberts is Mother Nature - Conservation International

Connect4Climate - Saving Water

Birthmark - Liberate Tate

Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change - Save The Pizza

Fourth Second - National Geographic

The Cost Of Air Pollution - Greenpeace International

I'm for Climate Action - United Nations

Plastic Pollution - Oceana

WWF International - The Journey Of Plastic

FollowFood - In Your Hands


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation - Our Work

If we have missed out on any of your favorite Climate Change Campaigns, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

We have not moved to Mars yet. Ban single-use plastic, reduce carbon footprint, segregate your waste, use sustainable products, support small businesses manufacturing it, use renewable energy, spread awareness, and be kind to animals. Save yourself.

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