5 marketing lessons for budding authors from Durjoy Datta’s Instagram

Durjoy Datta

Social Samosa explores the way Durjoy Datta uses his Instagram presence for personal brand building and culls out lessons budding authors can learn from his strategy.

A popular Indian author with several names to his credit in the romance and thriller category, Durjoy Datta has a lot to offer on social media too. He uses his Instagram profile to keep his followers hooked with intrigue and entertainment. Datta has been able to establish a relationship with his followers not just as an author but also an individual who loves his child, wife and the life he has built for himself. Here are a few aspects that help Durjoy Datta stand out on Instagram.

Brand collaborations, family and food

Durjoy Dutta often shares photographs of his family members, especially the kids. While scrolling, one comes across several posts of ‘thaalis’. Evidently, he loves photographing things he loves, family and food.

The bond he shares with his family has been leveraged in several brand collaborations on Instagram. In each instance, he personalises the communication accordingly, featuring relevant family members. He has worked brands such as Pampers and Ariel.

His collaboration with Engage that resulted in a book of short love stories finds prominence on the profile.

Books and writing

Datta often talks about the process of writing and how he feels about it. He puts across his vulnerable self, helping people get a glimpse of him as a person they can relate to. It helps create engagement on the platform as well as bring forth newer collaboration possibilities.

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Along with promoting physical copies of his books, Datta has also been vocal about the benefits of digital books, including affordability.

Recommending books

We are often on the lookout for people who can recommend good books. Datta often shares about the book he is reading at that moment, along with a quick review. Some of the books he has recently posted about include The Patient Assassin, I Remember Abbu, Together Tea and Milk Teeth.

Life as a screenwriter

Datta has several screenwriting credits to his name, something he talks about passionately. Never Kiss Your Best Friend is one of his recent works for Zee 5. It is a show based on a book authored by his friend Sumrit Shahi. He often talks about and engages with his fellow author friends, including Ravinder Singh. These conversations add a new dimension to his persona on social media, reflecting the diversity of his professional portfolio.

Being grateful to followers

Most importantly, Datta never forgets to be thankful to his followers and ones who read his books. He often shares how he loves to read reviews of his work. Updates about book events and meet and greets are also prominently shared on his feed.

Durjoy Datta has been able to leverage his professional achievements and Instagram presence to build a social media profile that brands find relevant for collaborations. Much of these opportunities look like regular posts as they are well integrated with his personal/editorial content. These aspects help make him a prominent profile to study for budding authors who wish to understand how to build and monetize on their brand on social media.