Facebook to expand shareability scope of Collections

Facebook Collections

Facebook tests the option to facilitate the public sharing and following of Collections created by users and creators on the platform.

Facebook Collections are a space for users to curate and save content based on their interests and/or in sync with a theme, among other use case scenarios. These lists are shareable among friends. Reportedly, Facebook is working to make enable users to publicly share and follow Collections. It would be a step up to collective curation, feedback and engagement.

Recently, Twitter user Whimchic had talked about the update in a tweet, sparking discussions around Collections and the possible impact of the new additions to the feature. Currently, the update is being rolled out for users in the US.

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The update is expected to have a positive snowballing effect on the different ways users and creators share recommendations with friends as well as the larger public on the platform. It would also have an impact on the way branded content and partnerships are explored by brands, creators and publications on Facebook.

The use case scenario of Collections ranges from creating a list of items while preparing for an event like a wedding to a set of useful products in a particular category. Making such lists public will likely push for businesses to be included and recommended. Thus, cropping up monetisation possibilities in the future.