New normal of a fresh start? FairPrice’s campaign to support latter

FairPrice campaign

Singapore supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice campaign looks at the post-COVID-19 world, nudging people to retain the values they discovered under the lockdown.

A lot has changed in the last few months, the world over. For the most part, for most people, their physical worlds were reduced to their immediate surroundings, their home. Lessons were learnt and relationships discovered. Now that the things are starting to open up, the way the new normal shapes up is an intriguing subject. In their latest campaign, FairPrice asks people to make a fresh start.

People have had the time to reflect on things, come to terms with certain realities, spend time with families and pick up new skills. The snooze button was also pressed aplenty, self-love being key to the process of building resilience against the gloom around, anticipating a new beginning around the corner.

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The campaign video captures various visual imageries of home life under the lockdown, building an optimistic narrative of hope for the future. “In every crisis, there is an opportunity. The circuit breaker has given us all a unique chance to connect and spend time with our loved ones,” said Alvin Neo, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at FairPrice Group.

He added, “Fresh Start is a reminder to each family and individual not to lose the precious lessons learned and recalibrate our lives; at the same time, give Singaporeans the assurance that they can always depend on us for their daily essentials as the country prepares for its Phase 1 return.”