Whoopi Goldberg teams up with Extinction Rebellion for World Environment Day campaign

Whoopi Goldberg the gigantic change campaign

The Gigantic Change highlights the importance of taking urgent steps to save the environment, supported by a voiceover by Whoopi Goldberg.

Actor-comedian Whoopi Goldberg has teamed up with Extinction Rebellion to lend her voice for a new animation narrative set in the future. The 3-minute animated film looks back from 2050 to show how people came together to save the world from the climate crisis. Titled The Gigantic Change, the film has been released on digital platforms as part of World Environment Day efforts and conversations. The campaign has been created by Passion Pictures.

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The video features two characters, a child and a grandmother. The nighttime storytelling session has used the child in a metaphorical way to depict how they can make a difference. They attempt to explain that if the next generation was careful and helped in rebuilding, things could get better for the environment in the coming time.

After seeing the film, the viewers are directed to a page that outlines the most effective action they can take to save the environment. It could be anything from diet and travel to civil disobedience. The primary purpose of The Gigantic Change is to highlight and communicate the urgency of the situation to the wider public.