Google Report: One in every three Indians watch online videos

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Google has revealed a research report in India, uncovering users’ personal content behavior and consumption preferences of videos.

The study by Google, ‘Understanding India’s online video viewer’ highlights that Indian users watch online videos for an average of 67 minutes every day. 73% of viewership comes from 15-34-year-olds and 37% of users come from rural geographies. The total online video user population is expected to reach 500 million by the end of the year.

According to the study, entertainment emerged to be the favorite genre along with learning content which is consumed in 43% of the video viewing occasions. The study also highlighted the ‘Four Ps’ of motivation for watching -- Pleasure, emPower, Purpose, and People.

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Explaining these further, Pleasure accounts for 55% and is all about enjoyment & de-stressing; emPower is 20% and fulfills the need to be confident & free; Purpose accounts for 14% and is about progress and staying updated; People is 11% and reflects the need to connect & bond.

With a variety of content and viewing platforms available, India has seen a significant uptake in language consumption. While Hindi is the most preferred language for consumption at 54%, English is preferred by only 16% of the viewing population, followed by Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Bengali.

The study also reveals that Indians watch online videos anytime, anywhere and online video is watched consistently throughout the day. Though 79% of video consumption happens at home, 21% of consumption happens on the move.

You can view the full report below:

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