Infographic: How to manage negative social media comments

infographic negative comments

There is no escape from negative social media comments, but there is a way to deal with it, this infographic will tell you how.

With all the perks of having a social media presence, building a social identity, and being a part of social conversations, there is also a downside. That often comes in the form of negative social media comments, the tips included in this infographic will tell help you manage them productively.

The negative social media comments are often related to a bad experience with the brand’s products or services such as untimely cancellation of an order, delay in providing the service, communication issues, and more.

It can often be related to dissatisfaction with the quality of the product or service, not being able to meet the expectation promised, the distortion between what was assured in the marketing campaign, and what was delivered.

Often it can also be downright criticism and hate that is uncalled for in a language that is not appropriate. It can also come on all platforms, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Whatever the negative comments may be, the one thing that is not an option is ignoring them. You should deal with them according to your code of conduct and with the help of the tips given below in this infographic compiled by Digital Giants.

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infographic negative comments