Infographic: How to leverage Pinterest for inspirational videos

Pinterest videos

To make the most of inspirational videos on Pinterest, understanding factors such as recommendations, consistency, video duration and performance metrics are key.

Pinterest videos are an important tool for content creators to build their profile on the platform. According to the platform, the views have increased, consistently over the years as people are experimenting with all that’s new — things to looks. It is important for content creators to create content with a longer shelf life and keep reviewing performance metrics.

With search and recommendation on the platform, any video can be discovered over time, no matter how long before it was posted. Regularly scheduling posts and being consistent at it will eventually help creators see a hike in the number of followers.

In regards to technicalities of creating the video, recording the video in vertical mode is recommended by the platform. The duration that works well is somewhere between 45 seconds to 3 minutes as it keeps people engaged. While brainstorming content ideas, thinking up something that’s a blend of information and entertainment is a good idea.

Most importantly, reviewing pins on factors like impression closeups and saves can help the creator get a better idea of how well which kind of content is performing and create more along the same lines.

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