Rakhwaali: Designer Ayush Kejriwal highlights unequal gendered chores at home

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Rakhwaali Ayush Kejriwal

In collaboration with Studio Gaaba, Rakhwaali by Ayush Kejriwal sheds light on the unequal distribution of household responsibilities.

The nationwide lockdown that the viral outbreak has brought with it, has neglected the fact that the burden of the domestic responsibilities is governed by gender identities in our country. Most of the household chores that were traditionally done by women since time immemorial, now just got two-fold. Rakhwaali by Ayush Kejriwal aims to highlight this.

Due to the lockdown still prevailing, the shoot was conducted virtually using FaceTime. This trend is being followed by photographers around the world due to the will to keep creating content. The video has been produced in greyscale for dramatic effect, supported by a voiceover.

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In the voiceover panning throughout the video, Kejriwal says, “Rakhwali Ke Rakhwale is a phrase that gets to the viewer, and whispers to them that those who take care of us, need someone to take care of them as well, and if this war against the virus isn’t in our hands to fight, the least we can do is ease the burden off of those we love."

"The idea is to humanize a message," Kejriwal adds. The campaign video aims to tug at the viewers’ heartstrings and instil a sense of courage and compassion among them.

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