Snapchat rolls out two new filters to add or remove facial hair

Snapchat new filters in Jun 2020

Snapchat launches new lenses where the users can try on new, virtual hair looks – with or without a beard, in a snap.

The lockdown has got most of us trying haircuts and shaving techniques at home, bearing the risk of going too short or completely uneven. To help ease out the dilemma, Snapchat is rolling out two new Lenses that let anyone try on new, virtual facial hair looks — so they can begin to imagine their face with a nice clean shave or a full-on beard!

The Machine Learning lenses from Snapchat use the same types of technology of other ML Lenses, such as the Facecraft lenses and age slider paying close attention to detail while adding a beard or erasing an existing beard on the Snapchatter’s face.

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While most are still fretting about getting their beards and hairdos right, Snapchat’s new lenses will help you match your look to your outfit in a quick Snap. Additionally, with father’s day around the corner, it will be nice to have your fathers try a different look as well for a refreshing change as well. We’re counting down the days until the barbers and salons are fully functional but until then, these Lenses are a fun way to picture yourself with a new look — in just a quick Snap.