Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Pepsi rope in Sonu Sood, Thane Police PSA campaign & more

social media campaign

Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the social media campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Godrej Properties’ PSA campaign with Thane Police, Pepsi roping in Sonu Sood for Swag Se Solo, Climate Change campaigns, L’Oréal India’s #LoveIsInTheHair and more.

Godrej Properties’ PSA campaign with Thane Police features real faces

With an aim to create mass awareness around COVID-19 prevention guidelines, Godrej Properties launch campaign featuring Thane Police personnel. Read more here.

Pepsi banks on Sonu Sood’s popularity

In an Instagram video shared by the actor, Sonu Sood can be seen dancing to the tunes of Swag Se Solo as part of the latest Pepsi campaign. Read more here.

Rakhwaali: Designer Ayush Kejriwal highlights unequal gendered chores at home

In collaboration with Studio Gaaba, Rakhwaali by Ayush Kejriwal sheds light on the unequal distribution of household responsibilities. Read more here.

Campaigns communicating through the innocence of children

Amongst celebrities, personalities, and several bankable endorsers, here come campaigns built on children and their innocence to revisit on International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. Read more here.

COVID-19: Role of Live Music in brands’ lockdown content plan

No concerts? No clubs? No problem. Social Media Live has now become the medium for the music industry and a few other brands to keep the music alive. Read more here.

Climate Change Campaigns show the price we pay at the cost of nature

Presenting a few of the ‘hottest’ and the most ‘disruptive’ Climate Change Campaigns from over the years, to celebrate World Environment Day. Read more here.

New normal of a fresh start? FairPrice’s campaign to support the latter

Singapore supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice campaign looks at the post-COVID-19 world, nudging people to retain the values they discovered under the lockdown. Read more here.

L’Oréal India’s #LoveIsInTheHair reiterates hairdresser-client relationship

This campaign by L’Oréal India aims to acknowledge & highlight the importance of the community of hairstylists by sharing heart-warming messages between them and their clients. Read more here.

Brands bolster the Black Lives Matter Movement

The power of communication and influence is being used by these brands to support the Black Lives Matter Movement to kill injustice and racism. Read more here.

Up in smoke: Brand creatives warn against tobacco usage

Amidst COVID-19 lockdown, brands leverage the World No Tobacco Day 2020 narrative to spread awareness on respiratory issues with creatives. Read more here.

Stayfree’s campaign addresses period awareness under lockdown

With nearly two million girls experiencing their first period during the lockdown, Stayfree encourages families to talk more openly about menstruation. Read more here.

UPI Chalega campaign adapts to social distancing

Tweaking their UPI Chalega campaign according to the narratives relevant under the lockdown, NPCI runs a digital and influencer marketing campaign. Read more here.

Inside #FitFamilyChallenge: Oriflame’s lockdown strategy for consumer engagement

In a bid to motivate people to stay fit while staying home, Oriflame rolled out #FitFamilyChallenge conceptualized by VMLY&R. Social Samosa dwells deeper into the campaign execution and brand objective & communication strategy. Read more here.

World Environment Day Campaigns for a greener tomorrow

Brands partake in the United Nations’ quest to encourage awareness and action for the conservation of our environment with World Environment Day Campaigns. Read more here.