#Testing: Suggested Tab in Instagram Home Feed

Instagram Suggested

Instagram is testing a Suggested tab which would show posts recommended on the basis of accounts you interact with, within the Home feed.

A scroll on the Suggested tab is similar to a scroll on Instagram Explore. Posts have a ‘Follow’ button beside the username, and all posts are suggested based on the accounts you interact with.

A different version of the test was being run back in 2018, that shows a CTA, “You’re All Caught Up” which means you’ve seen all new posts from the past 2 days, and have an option to ‘View Past Posts’ or ‘Keep Scrolling for Recommendations’.

Social Media Today reports that the tab is part of a test with smaller groups of people. With the new test, the recommendations don’t take over the Home Feed, a separate tab appears after you’ve seen all the new posts.

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This test is similar to what Twitter already does. For instance, when you click on a Twitter trend and scroll through the tweets, after a few scrolls you are notified that you’re up to date with the information related to the topic.

Instagram’s efforts are usually directed towards increasing the average time spent on the app, of each user. Which is why they introduced scroll-through on ‘Explore’ and Profile’s posts.

Previously, ‘Suggestions For You‘ tab -similar accounts and posts shown when you click on a post received via DMs, and categories in your following list – ‘Least Interacted With’, and ‘Most Seen in Feed’, to easily unfollow accounts you no longer want to see, were also directed towards this effort.

But if they start notifying users in between their endless scrolling, it may create a break when users want to leave the app.

On the other hand, it also points users to more content in the app and may increase the following of the accounts suggested.