Testing: Top Requests feature for Twitter DMs


Similar to multiple inboxes on Instagram, Twitter is working on Top Requests to make it easier for users to sift through DMs.

In an attempt to make it easier for Twitter users to have better control at managing the flurry of messages in their Direct Message Inbox, the platform is working on a feature called Top Requests. The feature is similar to the one on Instagram that divides and diverts the incoming messages to Primary and General inboxes. The update was revealed by Reverse Engineer Jane Manchun Wong in a tweet.

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If and when rolled out, the feature will make it easier for creators, brands, public authorities, journalists and practically all users to sift through incoming DMs with ease. It is likely to help filter out spam and inappropriate messages without hassle.

Although it is not clear as to what would be the criteria for selection of messages/users to be displayed in Top Requests, it would probably go through filters such as abuse in text and relevancy of the sender to the receiver on the basis of their public interactions and interests.

In the last few days, Twitter has launched two major updates for users and creators alike: Fleets for India and Voice Tweets.