Trip Now, Travel Later: Meghalaya launches digital film to depict hope


With Trip Now, Travel Later, Meghalaya wishes to keep up the hopes in a better tomorrow where everyone could explore once again.

Trip Now, Travel Later is a minute-long digital film about the relentless human spirit and the forever wandering mind. It is a film of hope. The video was created by YAAP Digital with an aim to capture the scenic beauty of Meghalaya. It was shared on social media platforms by Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma.

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The clip created by YAAP Digital for Meghalaya opens up with a timelapse of cloud over a landscape and a bridge. The visuals almost feel like a balm for people stuck in their homes, addressing their longing to see the world outside and experience lakes, driving up the hills, meandering down the river, walking across living bridges, get feet dirty on sunny river beaches and much more.

The video closes with a zoom-out shot where we see that a person is seeing the beauty of Meghalaya on his tablet. It ends with the message: ‘Trip Now, Travel Later’. It serves as a reminder for travellers that they can still get a taste of the untouched, pristine beauty that awaits them in Meghalaya after the lockdown has been lifted and it’s safe to move out.