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Option Designs agency feature

How do we define Option Designs?

Option Designs is a purpose-driven agency specializing in brand communications. It was founded by Japneet Singh, Jaspreet Singh, Anurag Mehta, and Rahul Gandhi in 2010.


From building creative campaigns for print and digital media to digital marketing, brand films, and media planning, Option Designs aims to cover diverse scope, channelizing their reach to different countries across the globe.

What's in the name?

The name ‘Option Design’ reflects an innate sense of humble resilience that every problem has a solution, and every choice has an option. Moreover, the name was chosen for its simplicity and humility that aimed to be impactful as people could comprehend and connect with the name.

What do we do?

The company is involved in creating the overall perception of the brand where we attempt to enhance the reception of the brand among the consumers through a strategic approach.

Why we do it?

As a branding agency, the firm is motivated to create an impact in the industry by not falling into the footsteps of trends already set up but creating a new legacy with a difference. Creating a brand image means you are vested with the responsibility of the entire existence of the brand for which the company should also don the social responsibility of showcasing the brand.

How we evolve?

Evolution is a natural phenomenon in any sphere of life, and the same goes for the industry. Whenever there is a challenge and a new point of view is required, we aim to push ourselves to go beyond the normal. And in the process, something new is discovered that enhances the skills. Technology is one aspect that is crucial to the industry. By pushing the boundaries and keeping a tab on the latest mechanisms going on, has helped the company to evolve at every point of time.

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Social responsibility in social media

The Digital Age has empowered every individual to express their opinions. As a business that thrives on social conversations, it is necessary to ensure that the messages communicated are based on facts, research, and an in-depth sense of context. Also, the company is serious about the kind of example that is set for the number of people reached. It can have substantial social effects.

It is usually better to steer clear of imposing personal beliefs and thoughts while working for the brand and strictly keeping it in sync with the purpose. There is no independent voice as an agency, but the ideas are expressed with liberty but never with impunity.

The need of the hour

Considering that opinions and interactions are the building blocks of communication, there should be proper cyber laws & guidelines that give transparency and clarity about the decorum needed to be maintained.

Incidentally, awareness is a prerequisite for a better portrayal of the brand which should be accompanied by being sensitive to the various elements involved in creating a brand image.

We learned the hard way

The firm is very fortunate to be where it is today, but it had to face its share of ups and downs. The most recurring challenge in the journey is the budget limitations. Though the ideas are great, it is the execution that sanctions credibility, owing to the portrayal of the idea.


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