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This kennel is filled with adorable campaigns that brought humans' best friends into play, making companionship synonymous with their proposition

Protecting us, showering us with drooling love, always being by our side, changing the melancholic times, till nourishing the mental health of healthcare workers during this pandemic, dogs have unfailingly been humans' best friends in every sense. Brand's friendship oriented works featuring humans & dog campaigns have reflected that over the years.

From the Greek & Hindu mythologies of 'Argos & Odysseus' and 'Yudhishthira' till several real-life & real-time examples, this phrase has stuck with humanity (like dogs) for ever. The universal insight has been brought into play by several global and regional brands too.

Brings It Back created by BBDO (Brazil) with the animation directed by Fabiano Broki, for Pedigree, depicts what dogs fetch us back, and how they can fill a hole in our heart.

The Man & The Dog, created by DDB (Argentina) for Fundación Argentina de Trasplante Hepático (FATH), a foundation for transplantations, beautifully sums up a dog's love in the climax and also communicates their message powerfully. The campaign is written by Leandro Custo, and directed by Rodrigo Garcia Saiz.

With most of us still in the lockdown, we now have a grasp of what it's like to be isolated most of the time, and while we still have our families the trucking community spends most of their time in complete isolation.

Pedigree & Mobil Delvac held a dog adoption event for the community, to get them a companion who would go farther than miles with them, who would go a lifetime with them.

Wherever You Go, Our Network Follows, created by Mahesh V. and Rajeev Rao, (then) Senior Creative Directors at Ogilvy (Mumbai), for Hutch still remains one of the most iconic campaigns with Cheeka gaining pop-culture prominence.

The campaign directed by Prakash Varma, with the production house Nirvana Films, used the most recognized trait of a dog and made it equivalent to the brand's communication, the concept was also critically acclaimed.

I Got You by PayU Money, and Hond Met Een Missie by KNGF Geleidehonden portray how dogs are helpful companions for the differently abled.

For The Love Of Luck, by the agency Urban Rhino for Orvis, is a tale of Luck - a dog filled with tail-wagging optimism and a mountain's adventure, narrated by Nancy Mackinnon, Luck’s Mom & a matriarch of the Orvis family, who shares what it's like to go through a lifetime with a dog.

More brands share stories of unadulterated love.

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For The Love Of Luck - Orvis

Brings It Back - Pedigree

The Man & The Dog - Fundación Argentina de Trasplante Hepático(FATH)

Mutts4Trucks - Pedigree and Mobil Delvac

Wherever You Go, Our Network Follows - Hutch

Journey - Bobtail

You're Already Rich - Loto

Maddie - Chevrolet

Dog Theft - Dogs Trust

I Got You - PayU Money

Hond Met Een Missie - KNGF Geleidehonden

Marathon Dogs - ČSOB Bank & Bratislava Marathon

If we have missed out on any of your favorite campaigns featuring humans' best friends, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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