Biba releases film to spread awareness around domestic violence under lockdown

Biba domestic violence

To highlight the concerns around domestic violence under lockdown, Biba collaborated with Give India and Majlis Manch to release a film.

Ever since the lockdown has been announced, there has been a surge in domestic violence cases, a trend that has been noted globally. UN Women recognised the issue as a Shadow Pandemic, nudging authorities to take cognisance of the issue. In India, NGOs working in the sphere are partnering with brands and celebrities to raise awareness around their helpline and other initiatives to help persons, especially women and girls, at the raw end of such violence. To this end, Biba recently released a video to raise awareness around domestic violence.

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Created by Brandmovers, the film, #NotSafeAtHome, is less than a minute long and puts forth the tale of a traumatised woman. Using mobile as a tool to depict the outside world, the narrative focusses on her circumstances and ends with a note on how it can be used as a means to seek help. The brand then endorses the helpline (+917506732641) run by Give India and their NGO Partner Majlis Manch for people in need of immediate help.

On social media, the brand is also raising awareness around the Signal for Help, meant to be used by those who are stuck at home with their abusers but can’t call up the helpline. The hand gesture can be used by the person in distress while on a video call to alert their family, friends or colleagues. The core message being amplified is that it is important to acknowledge the fact that not everyone is safe at home.