Case Study: How IDBI Bank Father's Day campaign created social media engagement

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Jul 30, 2020 10:34 IST
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IDBI Bank Father's Day campaign

Attempting to encapsulate the role of the fathers in the growing days of individuals, IDBI Bank Father's Day campaign, leveraged social media platforms with video outreach.

For this Father's day, IDBI Bank launched 'Fabulous Firsts' an extensive campaign to leverage #RolesOfADad in one's growing years on social media channels. The case study explores how the campaign reached out to lakhs of people through its engagement initiatives in a step-by-step manner.

Brand Introduction

IDBI Bank provides a wide range of financial products and services including loans, deposits, investment solutions, and payment services. It aims to consistently deliver relevant financial solutions and seamless customer service.

With India taking the digital route, its vision is to be the most preferred and trusted bank and build long-lasting relationships with its customers with a gamut of digital services.


On the occasion of Father’s Day, IDBI Bank decided to leverage their fan following by creating a heart-warming video that talked about the 'Fabulous Firsts' every child has with their dad. It is followed by a contest to further boost engagement and reach on their social media platforms. The aim was to take the audience down the memory lane via emotional communication.


  • To increase the brand’s presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter via interesting forms of communication, such as contests, quizzes, and video posts
  • To increase reach and engagement through relevant and relatable content
  • To bridge the gap between the bank and its customers by staying true to the brand’s tagline: 'Bank Aisa, Dost Jaisa'


The basic idea was to create a video that revolves around the first experiences of the various roles that a father plays in a child’s life. The video post was then followed up with a contest to bring engagement on the brand’s page. The contest was a bi-product of the video content.

A hashtag #RolesOfADad was created and used along with all the Father’s Day posts across Facebook and Twitter.


The brand made a 30-second video titled “Fabulous Firsts with Fathers” and showcased the moments when a father has been the No. 1 in any and every situation during one’s years of growing up. From being the first coach, first friend, first counselor, first teacher, first motivator, the first provider of capital, and first superhero, the aim was to show the different #RolesOfADad through the Father’s Day campaign communication.

The video was followed up by a contest post which was broken down into 4 different posts where the followers/audience were asked to guess the roles played by a father, by simply looking at the image on the creative. The entire Father’s Day campaign was built on the hashtag #RolesOfADad. Every piece of communication for Father’s Day went along with the relevant hashtag - #RolesOfADad.

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The next four posts had one question each on the creative with a hint mentioned in the post copy which would ultimately take the audience back to the Father’s Day video (Fabulous Firsts with Fathers). This attempted to increase video views each time a participant clicked on the video to get a hint for the contest answer.


  • On the Father’s Day content on Twitter garnered 3.5L+ impressions, 1.5K RTs, 5.3K Likes and 7.1K video views
  • On the Father’s Day content on Facebook garnered 4.3 L+ impressions, 4.6L reach, 21K users engaged, 18.5K Likes, 931 comments, 453 shares with 1.3L+ video views 
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