Case Study: How Tata Capital leveraged influencers for lockdown campaign

Tata Capital

Tata Capital roped in Atul Khatri, Gunjan Taneja and Pranav Sapra for #WeCountOnYou, encouraging people to share what others can rely on them for amidst the pandemic.

Tata Capital usually goes with the tagline of Count on Us to inspire confidence among their potential and existing clientele. However, amidst the pandemic, they turned the tables to highlight stories of people and how they can be kind, helping others through the crisis. To do so, Tata Capital went with the hashtag #WeCountOnYou. They roped in influencers to kickstart the conversation, which later participation from other social media users.

Category Introduction

Indian BFSI sector has many large and small players including multiple private/public sector banks, HFCs and NBFCs. NBFCs in the sector are playing a critical role in the development of core infrastructure, transport, employment generation, wealth creation and economic development of the weaker sections in India. NBFC’s have strongly focused on unorganized & under-served segments of the economy, which led the companies to create a niche for themselves through frequent interactions with their customer segments & deeply understanding needs. They are ensuring last-mile delivery & enhanced customer experience of products & services.

Brand Introduction 

Tata Capital is the financial arm of Tata Group. The brand has invested in technology in order to build simpler customer journeys delivering a faster and better experience on digital service offerings. Combine this with trust, and Tata Capital intrinsically stands for – ‘Count on Us’.


Tata Capital launched its brand campaign, #CountOnUs in 2019 as an extension to its legacy and to reinforce itself as a brand that one can rely on to deliver on its promises. In 2020, the focus of the campaign was on the goodness of people in times of distress such as the ongoing pandemic. The brand’s marketing objectives on Social Media are Brand Upliftment, Increased engagement and Better Customer experience. 


With the pandemic related negative sentiment blanketing everyone, the brand wanted to lift morale by boosting positive sentiments amongst people at large. Amidst the negativity, people often fail to notice the goodness that thrives within their homes and among the people around them. Thus, to encourage individuals to stay healthy and responsible for their communities and society, Tata Capital launched #WeCountOnYou.

#WeCountOnYou reflects on the innate goodness in people. While the frontline fighters are playing a crucial role in the fight against COVID, the brand highlights that an individual could also do his own bit for society with small acts of kindness. 

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#WeCountOnYou is a reflection of Tata Capital’s core brand values and its strong resolve to deliver on its promises for its customers and the society at large. To communicate a message that encourages the spread of positivity, the brand collaborated with voices that are community-driven. Tata Capital wanted to seed the idea of extending a helping hand within their immediate space, as well as be enablers of spreading happiness.

The belief was that the person making the biggest difference, and the one who is the most significant in the country’s fight against COVID is – YOU. #WeCountOnYou is not just a campaign but an initiative that reiterates on how by staying home, and by spreading goodness within our surroundings, one can make a difference. 

Creative Idea

Tata Capital, as a brand, has always asked the audiences to #CountOnUs (them). During the lockdown, they felt it was time to tell the world that this time around, #WeCountOnYou. A month into the lockdown, the brand wanted to know and highlight the ways people are contributing and helping out in such trying times. And, inspire others to do the same.


At a time like this, even the most diminutive communication by brand could look like the brand is trying to sell its products and offerings. At this time people want to hear a voice of surety and positivity. 

To ensure the safety of all, and taking preventive measures, the campaign videos were shot remotely. The discussions and direction of these videos happened over phone calls, video conferences, or merely messages and emails. The entire campaign was conceptualised and executed from homes, without anyone stepping out at all.


Having identified the target audience of different age groups, the brand’s digital media agency – Kinnect – conceptualised and executed the campaign by collaborating with brand advocates. 

A week-long campaign was designed keeping in mind the communication essentials, the brand created content along the lines of small ideas and actions that one could do that will make a difference. To further amplify this campaign, Tata Capital collaborated with voices that people trusted and up to for inspiration. With the three influencers — Atul Khatri, Gunjan Taneja and Pranav Sapra, videos were shot remotely in which they spoke about multiple things that people could count on them for. All the videos ending with the question — what could we count on you for?

To engage with the users, the brand asked them to share videos and pictures of the good they are doing for the society at large. The idea was to inspire and encourage more and more people to do good, as well as share these ideas and deeds so that people could know how they extend their support. 


With the help of these influencers and our posts, Tata Capital reached out to 49,27,397 people across India. The campaign garnered 62,21,094 impressions and 6,14,553 engagement. The brand received 250+ entries of stories around #WeCountOnYou from social media users in ten days.

“The Covid19 lockdown has created a negative sentiment in the environment, our campaign is an initiative to rejuvenate the sentiments of our customers and boost positivity amongst followers.  With the help of the influencers, we endeavour to drive the message of being positive, the importance of being fit and helping society. We hope our interactive campaign encourages our customers to change their views. We further look forward to learning from their experiences and help build a chain of optimism,” said a brand representative.