COVID-19: A Safari of the Middle East lockdown Campaigns

Middle East Campaigns

This expedition will let you explore how the Middle East lockdown Campaigns that kept the festivities & traditions alive during Ramadan & how kindness helped the region cope with one of the biggest crisis the world has seen.

The important season of Ramadan this year looked different but didn’t feel different. Lockdown Campaigns from the Middle East from countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, and more brought the festive vibes inside the home, raised awareness of not stepping outside the home, and also encouraged the collective spirit.

Distant Neighbours, created by Serviceplan Middle East for Dubai Design District, gives a glimpse of the virtual platform created to boost community spirit.

They invited people to share a snapshot of an important part of their home which is converted into an illustration by digital artist Michelle Peric and becomes part of an apartment grid on Instagram.

Sounds Of Safety, created by Publicis for McDonald’s UAE, tunes in the sounds of all safety measures taken by the food chain to build trust among their consumers.

A Gift of Love, created by DDB Dubai for Ensure, narrates two ends of a story in one screen. One where the parents nourish their children, and the other when the roles are reversed to encourage people to look after the ones who looked after you.

Dear Neighbor, created by Wunderman Thompson UAE for Bose portrays a different take on noisy neighbors with climaxing but strong product integration.

#VeetIsMySalon by Veet Arabia is an influencer integrated campaign, which involves them sharing their personal beauty corner, and encouraged the audience to share theirs.

The campaign highlights the insight that every house that has a Veet is as good as a salon, to amplify its use during the month of Ramadan when beauty and hygiene routines are more important for the women, but can’t go to an actual salon with containment measures in place.

Most face masks are thrown away after a single-use, dumped in the ocean, and then end up blocking the digestive tracts of the marine population that swallow it, after killing them, that mask can live on for up to 450 years, and soon we can end up having more masks than the jellyfish in the ocean.

Waste Can Mask Our Future created by FCB United Arab Emirates for Fine Guard raises awareness about this setback.

To All Our Medical Staff, created by Alsayegh UAE for Dubai Health Authority was on ode to the health workers on World Health Day and an urge to the audience to stay home.

Let the Safari begin.

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To All Our Medical Staff – Dubai Health Authority

Waste Can Mask Our Future – Fine Guard

Sounds Of Safety – McDonald’s UAE

A Gift of Love – Ensure

Distant Neighbours – Dubai Design District

Dear Neighbor – Bose

Better When Shared – Kiri Arabia

Stay Home. We deliver. – Domino’s

Back To The Office (Or Not) –

#VeetIsMySalon – Veet Arabia

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