Case Study: How Emami Healthy & Tasty got people to #CookForOurHeroes

Emami #CookForOurHeroes

Roping in Divya Dutta and Pankaj Bhadouria for #CookForOurHeroes, Emami Healthy & Tasty put forth a narrative of how food can be used to do social good.

As the nation was grappling with the realities of a complete lockdown, some persons were hit harder than others. These people couldn’t stop amidst a lockdown for their job descriptions came under essential services. As a means to show gratitude towards such persons and encourage people to share home-cooked meals with them, Emami Healthy & Tasty came up with #CookForOurHeroes.

The #CookForOurHeroes campaign was led by a video featuring Divya Dutta, who became the face of the campaign for Emami Healthy & Tasty. Another prominent celebrity influencer roped in was Pankaj Bhadouria of the MasterChef fame. The campaign saw a participation of over 90 social media users and influencers.

Category Introduction

Edible oil market in India is projected to grow from around $21.5 billion in 2019 to $35.2 billion by 2025 due to increasing disposable income and rising consumer awareness about healthy lifestyle & wellness. 

Brand Introduction

Emami Healthy & Tasty is the edible oil brand of Emami Agrotech Ltd. The brand was launched in 2010 with a range of cooking oils. The product portfolio contains mustard oil, soybean oil, rice bran oil, and sunflower oil. Over the years, the brand has been widely accepted across the country with a major market share in West Bengal. With social media, the brand aims to improve saliency in West Bengal and awareness in other markets in India.


Emami Healthy & Tasty, launched a heartwarming campaign #CookForOurHeroes, with FoxyMoron as their digital media partner. The campaign features Divya Dutta and others sharing a warm home-cooked meal, in a tiffin box with essential workers, like apartment security guards, delivery agents and sanitation workers, as a gesture of gratitude for their silent but significant contribution in helping society fight against COVID-19. The entire digital video including engaging a Bollywood celebrity as a brand ambassador was remotely shot, directed, edited and executed in under 72 hours. 


The objective was to create a campaign, which highlighted how food can be used to do social good and can be used as a powerful bridge which brings people together in spirit, during a nation-wide lockdown 


The brief given to FoxyMoron was to create a campaign which was relevant to the current circumstances of the nation-wide lockdown with a key focus on doing social good and including a strong call to action. 

Creative Idea

Observations: Research reflected that people were actively engaging in conversations about expressing gratitude to essential workers like delivery agents and sanitation workers who continued to work even during the lockdown. It was extremely heartwarming to notice that this was being conveyed widely over social media through heartfelt video messages and creatives. 

Inspiration for Concept: In the video concept, the team decided to show people a tangible way in which they could express their gratitude to the rising heroes from this pandemic, our essential workers. The team wanted to show people that gratitude could also be a simple gesture of cooking a little extra and sharing your home-cooked meals with them. The inspiration of the brand’s digital video concept was taken from the then, trending #DontRush challenge on social media, which depicts a compilation of a sequence of different people in different locations passing what appears to be one single object. In this campaign, the object being passed was a simple home-cooked meal packed in a tiffin box. 

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Deadline of 72 hours and pulling of the shoot over video conferencing platform: The brand engaged 3 agencies from Zoo Media, the digital agency FoxyMoron, influencer, creator and talent management agency Pollen and the video solutions agency, The Rabbit Hole for this campaign. The entire team worked to deliver this campaign in under 72 hours. The timeline restrictions coupled with shooting the digital video campaign virtually with no on-ground production crew to support added to the challenges. 

Coordinating with volunteers: In order to achieve the correct direction sequence of passing the tiffin box from hand to hand, the video solutions agency, The Rabbit Hole team needed to plan the sequence down to every detail and even created a sample video for volunteers to follow. Then came the challenge of finding volunteers to participate in the video overnight. The team, to their surprise, got an overwhelming response and shortlisted 30 volunteers to participate. 

Booking a celebrity ambassador: With a window of only 72 hours, the team had to book a celebrity ambassador that could relate with the brand’s TG. This was achieved on a very short timeline by the influencer, creator and talent management agency, Pollen.


The campaign was launched on different social media platforms by FoxyMoron’s media planning & buying team; Facebook, Instagram and Youtube across markets such as Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and UP. 

For the social media promotions of the campaign, the Pollen team collaborated with the online mom communities and Masterchef Pankaj Bhadouria to post about the campaign on their social media handles in order to obtain maximum reach for the message.

Let's Cook For Our Heroes

A great initiative by Emami Healthy & Tasty!Saluting our unsung heroes like the colony security guards who keep us safe, the entire sanitation team who ensure that our home and surroundings are trash-free – everyone is working extra hard to keep us safe and healthy.Toh chalo aaj 4 roti, thodi sabzi extra banaate hain.Let's #CookForOurHeroes.Healthy & Tasty Foods

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Posted by MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria on Monday, May 11, 2020

Divya Dutta was the face of the campaign and supported the cause by posting the video on her social media handles and asking her fans to join the initiative. 

Giving food is the greatest act of humanity. We at Emami salute the real heroes and urge each one of us to show our love…

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Campaign Reach: 7,977,638 

Campaign Views: 1,424,404 

Participation: 90+ 

The campaign video generated positive comments across social media platforms and accounts. 

“The teams at the FoxyMoron and the other agencies which are a part of Zoo Media were really supportive with the turnaround time required and were quick to pull through the creative strategy along with the execution. We were happy with the results that the campaign drove and the impact we were able to make with our simple heartwarming message,” said Head of Marketing, Emami Agrotech Ltd.