#TheSocialCMO ft Puneet Das, Tata Consumer Products

Puneet Das

In conversation with Social Samosa, Tata Consumer Products’ Puneet Das talks about how the Six Feet Economy changed the scope of marketing for the brand & the overall industry.

More than tweaking the marketing strategy it has been about figuring out what is the need of the hour, explains Puneet Das, Vice President Marketing – Beverages India, Tata Consumer Products. Thus was fine tuned, Tata Tea’s long running brand initiative Jaago Re, to create #BadonKeLiye #JaagoRe aimed at making the lockdown conducive for the senior citizens.

“For us Jaago Re has been an initiative that talks about the cause which is the need of the hour. During the lockdown we realized that senior citizens are the most impacted, making talking about their situation important,” Das shared with us during a candid Zoom coversation.

Deeper in the conversation, Das went on to talk about the change in Tata Beverage’s market strategy & the subsequent change seen in the Advertising & Marketing industry.

“Understand what is happening right now and what are going to be short to medium term impacts of it. Adapt & plan accordingly, be extremely agile,” Das explained sharing tips in terms of how to survive this period of change.

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In the second episode of #TheSocialCMO, Das talks about how the pandemic has created a new economy where consumers have become digital first & more sensitive to their needs & surroundings. However, as the world progresses towards recovery, consumers are now looking for small indulgences, “also known as the Lipstick Effect” giving the FMGC industry a new plethora of opportunities.

Tune in, as Das shares his learnings from the past 3 months & how the brand will now use them to plan the next quarter.