Facebook introduces Journalist Registration

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Jul 09, 2020 03:53 IST
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Facebook is rolling out the ability for people who work at news organizations to register as a journalist on Facebook, which would give them access to benefits, tools, and features built with journalists' needs in mind.

In this phase of the rollout, registering as a journalist on Facebook would provide account protections as journalists and news media professionals are at a higher risk of online harm.

Account security protections would protect them against online abuse. Journalists working for a news organization that is a registered news Page on Facebook are encouraged to register as a journalist using their personal Facebook account.

By registering, journalists will get stronger security features that further protect their information and online presence on Facebook against harassment and potential hacking threats.

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Registration is voluntary, and will first be available to journalists located in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and the Philippines (available for English, Spanish, and Portuguese accounts only). Facebook plans to expand registration to more countries and languages in the coming months.


You can register as a journalist if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You work for a news organization that is a registered news Page on Facebook
  • You have a professional email associated with the news organization's website, for example,
  • You live in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, or the Philippines

Facebook can modify or make exceptions to these guidelines as necessary. In the future, registered journalists may also be eligible for other news-specific benefits, tools, and features.

The platform will continue working with news organizations, academics, and industry groups to explore other ways to support registered journalists.

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