Instagram introduces personal fundraisers

Instagram fundraisers

Instagram has rolled out a new feature to enable fundraisers and donations for personal causes, such as a cause that’s important to the user, for themselves or a friend.

The feature is now in the testing phase, available in the US, UK, and Ireland on Android, followed by iOS. All fundraisers on Instagram go through a review process before going live.

How To Create A Personal Fundraiser

  • Tap ‘Edit Profile’ -> ‘Add Fundraiser’ -> ‘Raise Money’
  • Choose a photo
  • Select a fundraiser category an add details
  • Enter information for Stripe(payment processor for donations)
  • Tap ‘Send’ for review

Instagram fundraisers

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Only fundraisers created by adults for eligible categories such as Crisis relief, Hobbies, Medical, and more will be approved. The fundraiser can go live, once approved. Each fundraiser lasts 30 days and can be extended more than once for 30 days.

Donors can keep their information hidden from the public, but the creator of the fundraiser will be able to see their username, name on their profile, and donation amount. After the fundraiser concludes, the funds go to the designated bank account.

Users can amplify their fundraisers by using the donation sticker, and in the coming months, Instagram will also provide more ways to share it on Feed & Stories.

With several groups of the society and the economy directly impacted by the pandemic, the fundraisers can aid several small businesses, and the more vulnerable groups of people, the feature also holds potential for the long term, even after the pandemic will be over.