LinkedIn launches community support features

LinkedIn features

To combat these chronic times of non-availability of resources and lesser job opportunities, LinkedIn has launched features to enable the communities to aid each other and connect with the required resources.

The new LinkedIn features include indicators that a user is looking for job opportunities, hashtags that club resources & contacts, and more.

Open To Work

LinkedIn has made it easy to privately signal recruiters that you’re open to work, specify the types of jobs you’re interested in, and indicate your preferred start date and location — ensuring you show up in more recruiter search results. LinkedIn claims more than 30 million members have used this tool to help them find their next job.

“We’re taking that to the next level with an Open-To Work feature so you can indicate to the community of members on LinkedIn that you’re open to work and to make yourself more discoverable by hiring managers,” the official blog read.

When you turn on the optional feature, a #OpenToWork photo frame is added to your profile picture so anyone who sees your profile will know you are open to new opportunities — and can help connect you to them. This will include, for example, when your profile comes up in a search or when you comment on a post.

Here’s how to turn this new feature on:  

  • Go to your profile and under your picture click: “Show recruiters you’re open to work”  
  • Fill in your job preferences such as location and job type
  • Click the “choose who sees that you’re open” to select if you want to keep this to recruiters, or if you want to add a badge to your profile that everyone can see

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After you turn on the feature, you can create a post using #opentowork so you can reach even more people on LinkedIn to help you find your next role.

Offer to Lend A Hand

LinkedIn is testing new features to help members lend a hand to people in their network. That’s why you’ll find new prompts when you start a post on LinkedIn so you can tell others you’re willing to provide a helping hand. 

Here’s how to get started: 

  • Start a new post and click the “Offer to Help” option
  • Select all the ways you’d wish to help others in their job hunt or career and click “done.” This includes:

— ? #OfferingHelp: General Help, Career Coaching

— ? #OfferingHelp: Referrals

— ? #OfferingHelp: Resume Reviews

  • Edit your post and determine who you’d like to be able to see it — we encourage you to share beyond your connections
  • Hit post and field any inbound messages or comments to set up a conversation 

Here is an example from a member who has offered to help already:

LinkedIn features

The platform has also added a new support reaction so that you can show support for articles, posts, news, or views.

LinkedIn features

The platform will continue to roll out new tools that allow members to give and get help on LinkedIn. Also, if you’re searching for a job, LinkedIn has more tips and the latest in-demand jobs.