LinkedIn introduces name pronunciation for Profiles

LinkedIn name pronunciation

As per a new update to make the platform inclusive, users can now record and display their name’s pronunciation on LinkedIn profile.

Every professional is bound to have a story of mispronouncing names or getting their own name mispronounced. This is especially true when the communication is happening between people from different countries. It could be about the accent or just less familiarity with different tongues. The LinkedIn update around name pronunciation could potentially make a difference.

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Users can now record the pronunciation of their name and display it on their LinkedIn profile for others to listen to. The user will have the option to decide the visibility of the recording. In case they have chosen only for their last name to appear to their connections, then, while selecting name pronunciation visibility, they will be notified with a ‘Name display restriction’ pop-up, the platform says.

Currently, the option to record is not available for the LinkedIn desktop site. It can be accessed only using the LinkedIn iOS/Android mobile app. The total recording time allowed for a user is 10 seconds. The platform advises users to limit background noise, speak slowly and pronounce each syllable clearly and hold the phone about four inches away while recording.