NBA brand campaigns to watch before the next season resumes

NBA brand campaigns

As they announce 2019-20 season’s comeback and Nike’s new ad awes viewers, we take a look at some of the best NBA brand campaigns over the years.

The ever-increasing reach of international sporting events has given birth to a diverse range of marketing opportunities. These include brands that can be seen being used in an operational way during a game, as well as branding opportunities outside the game by creating connections with products, such as clothing and footwear. NBA (National Basketball Association) games and brand campaigns are no different.

These campaigns have certain common themes. They feature well-loved players and are full of energy. Some of these campaigns go well beyond advertising a product or a brand and are used to bring focus on important social issues. They make use of basketball elements and metaphors to draw in players and leverage the spending powers of the sport’s fanbase.

With the NBA announcing a comeback and several brand campaigns creating buzz around the topic, including Nike’s recent You Can’t Stop Us, we take a look at some of the best NBA brand campaigns over the years.



State Farm





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Kia Optima


Jack Daniel’s



Mountain Dew

Beats by Dre

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