Pinterest insights show users are optimistic about future

Pinterest users optimistic

A global trend highlighted by Pinterest shows how users are restructuring their lives with wellbeing practices and an optimistic outlook.

Pinterest is home to recipes, home décor ideas and DIY. With COVID-19 creating new life stressors, the platform has witnessed a hike in searches around wellbeing and self-care. Between February and May, highest jumps in searches have been noted for mental wellness ideas such as meditation (+44%), gratitude (+60%) and positivity (+42%). The data points shared by Pinterest highlight that as users go about trying to adjust to the new normal the pandemic has brought in their lives, they are optimistic about the possibilities of a future.

Planning for an optimistic future

With the world continuing to be unpredictable, people are looking for mindful methods to navigate uncertainty with searches for ‘stress relief activities’ up 4.7x. Other rising health and wellness-related searches include: ‘productive morning routine’ (6x), ‘exercise routine at home’ (12x), ‘self-care night routine’ (7x), ‘gratitude journal prompts’ (8x), ‘mindfulness activities for kids’ (3x) and ‘kids workout routine’ (+73%)

Challenges and uncertainty also spark new ideas, creativity and a now-or-never-attitude – and now is the time to plan for that house, family, trip or business that you always wanted. Since the beginning of the Pandemic Pinners have been searching for inspiration related to ‘starting a new business’ (+ 35%). They normally rise at the turn of the new year. May is when Pinners started to look to the future again with rising searches for ‘future life goals’ (2x), ‘life bucket list’ (+65%), ‘family goals future’ (+30%) and ‘future house goals’ (+78%) as the need increased to take back control and proactively create the life you love ahead.

Mindful living at home 

Pinners are getting creative setting up new spaces indoors to come together as a family and have fun. We are seeing the following searches on the rise related to home: kitchen family rooms (14x), modern kids playroom (4x), gamer girl room (9x), boys game room (13x) and basement game room ideas (5x).

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After being at home for months—sometimes in small apartments without outdoor spaces—it’s no surprise that gardens and outdoor areas, however limited in space, have become the heart of the home. In addition to statistics that show increased searches for new homes with gardens and in the countryside, Pinners are also improving their current spaces. Searches have increased for ‘outdoor spaces on a budget’ (up 3X), ‘DIY patio ideas on a budget’ (up 17X), as well as ‘backyard oasis on a budget’ (up 5X).

While Pinners are at home, they are also setting up their homes for social gatherings and creating private getaways with friends and family indicated by increasing searches for ‘garden bar ideas’ (6x), ‘bohemian garden party’ (7x), ‘garden dinner party’ (+36%), ‘DIY garden fountains’(42x) as well as ‘backyard privacy ideas on a budget’ (+75%).

Searches for wellness hit historic highs

Pinners are 20% more likely than the rest of the population to have mental and emotional wellbeing top of mind during COVID-19. In response, and with experts like those at Brainstorm, the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation, the platform has updated their compassionate search feature with information most helpful to those experiencing stress during COVID, now accessible by typing #pinterestselfcare in search. Here, Pinners can find wellbeing exercises that can help if they are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. This is available in US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.