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Katrina Kaif Campaigns

Seize the day my friend, watch these Katrina Kaif Campaigns today and then decide what will you do after you retire at the age of forty.

Katrina Kaif has come a long way from winning a beauty contest and landing a modelling assignment in a jewellery campaign at the age of fourteen to becoming one of the top and the most sought after brand endorsers in India who has featured in diverse crème de la crème campaigns.

Her bag is filled with top-tier brands from various sectors, several of them being multi-year deals. Some of the notable names she has endorsed are Titan, Lux, Tropicana Slice, Berger Paints, Lenskart, Kalyan Jewellers, and many more.

Brands often tend to cast actors based upon their traits or how they are perceived in real-life, hence Katrina portraying an independent diligent woman in Titan's #HerLifeHerChoices, encouraging fitness in Reebok's campaigns, or flaunting her fashionable facet in Blend It Like Kat by fbb makes those narratives believable.

She remains one of the top endorsers in the Food & Beverages sector and also has considerable clout in Beauty, Fashion, Technology, and E-Commerce.

In 2019, Katrina Kaif also turned into an entrepreneur and founded Kay Beauty in partnership with Nykaa, and forayed into the Beauty & Skincare space. The campaign whose narration was written by Zoya Akhtar stirred a buzz about the brand's entrance in the market.

Unveiling the reel.

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Yaadon Ki Deewar - Berger Paints India

Train - Fevicol

Titan Watches - #HerLifeHerChoices

Perfume Portraits - Lux

Ab Ras Barsega - Slice

#ItsKayToBeYou - Kay Beauty

#HowDoILook - Lenskart

Blend It Like Kat - fbb

#SheGotRee - Reebok India

The Best Of Sony In A SmartPhone - Sony Xperia

Roshan - Kalyan Jewellers

#MyPair - Metro Shoes

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