#SMLive Tips to crack Moment Marketing by Bodh Deb

moment marketing

Bodh Deb, VP & Branch Head, Autumn Grey Mumbai shares learnings and insights from campaigns he worked on and discusses approach & execution for moment marketing campaigns.

We are aware that the power of social media and the potential to reach maximum people by setting off a chain reaction can be unlocked with moment marketing campaigns, but often it can also boost brand loyalty and put a brand in the list of the top considerations of any consumers’ minds.

Bodh shares when #KerelaIsOpen – Samsonite India, written by Nishanth Ananthram was released, it got a substantial amount of media attention and organic shares by users with one consumer mentioning, “You’ve got a customer for life”.

He says he got several congratulatory messages and calls that he doesn’t even get on his birthday. “We all felt like Shahrukh Khan, we got so many messages”.

Bodh shares learnings from campaigns such as #KerelaIsOpen & #EkDinKiChutti – Samsonite India, #SalaryBeforeDiwali – Axis Bank to produce tips on cracking effective moment marketing campaigns that produce high engagement:

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1. How to choose moments for marketing: If there is a brand connect, why not?

2. Great writing for a campaign is very important, storytelling is significant

3. Follow regional news to find unique stories

4. Product integration is important but should be subtle and seamless

5. Moment marketing campaigns that have a purpose work well

6. Raise your voices for a micro-community

7. When you’re in doubt at tapping something most brands stay away from or think that it might backfire, just remember, if the intent is right, then people don’t look at the nitty-gritty

8. Great campaigns are made because great clients back it

9. For the moments you can’t plan on, take cues from your personal life to conceptualize the campaign

10. A fresh insight & a unique idea is more important than production budgets

11. If you have a great story to tell, tell it really well