Case Study: How Volvo CE lockdown campaign created positive conversations

Volvo CE lockdown campaign case study

The Volvo CE lockdown campaign #CaseStudy focuses on how the brand leveraged wordplay to create positivity while generating social media conversations & engagement

Volvo CE lockdown campaign case study explores how the brand attempted to highlight the positive side of the Lockdown & create engagement.

Brand Introduction

Volvo CE has a range of construction equipment based on efficiency, productivity, and durability. The brand is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a loyal number of followers. In the wake of the COVID 19 crisis and subsequent country-wide lockdown, the brand wanted to promote safety, positivity, and productivity even when everybody is home.

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The objective was to spread awareness about the need to stay home during the COVID 19 crisis and to make the most of the time available for other constructive work. While the overall sentiment around working-from-home or the lockdown was gloomy, Volvo CE wanted to put across the positive sides and be a voice of encouragement.

Creative idea

The idea & the strategy was to create minimalistic creatives with a messaging that would resonate with not only Volvo CE’s brand identity but also the current situation. Volvo CE also wanted to bring positivity to the audience’s feed. This gave birth to the #ConstructiveYou campaign.


The brand started creating awareness with minimalistic creatives that spoke about the current situations such as the #JantaCurfew announced by the Prime Minister of India on March 22, 2020, followed by the message of social distancing and the 21-day lockdown.

Creatives were published on social media with messages on social distancing and how the 21-day lockdown was of utmost importance to combat COVID 19.

While these helped Volvo CE garner attention on social media, the brand wanted to bring about a positive change in the lives of our followers. To do this, the brand started pushing out creatives with messages that used construction related words, to maintain its tonality. The messages were about how the audience can be constructive in these trying times.

Words such as build, pave, load and dig were tactfully used along with construction-related images to show the audience the silver lining around the clouds of COVID-19. The communication spoke about utilizing the time at home productively instead of being grumpy.

The execution strategy for the ongoing campaign is to continue rolling-out interesting creatives that are being posted every day to keep the audience engaged.

This was supported with a video message by Dimitrov Krishnan, MD, Volvo CE India Pvt. Ltd who spoke about how everyone should fight this crisis by staying home and staying productive to improve their personal and professional lives.


The campaign has so far generated over 420,000 impressions and more than 38,000 engagements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • On Facebook, average impressions per post were over 10.7K and average engagement was over 600.
  • On Twitter, average impressions per tweet were over 1100 and average engagement was over 60.
  • On Instagram, average impressions per tweet were over 5100 and average engagement was over 480
  • Dimitrov Krishnan’s videos generated a cumulative of over 11K views across all the


“I am very pleased with this strategy of bringing positivity to everybody’s screens. It shows social responsibility in action on the emotional side of people,” stated Dimitrov Krishnan, MD, Volvo CE India Pvt. Ltd.