YouTube launches Analytics for Artists

YouTube Analytics Artists

YouTube has introduced Analytics for Artists, to give them an extensive overview of their viewers, reach, and performance on the platform.

Analytics for Artists will only be available for official Artist Channels. It can be accessed through the sidebar that enables users to switch between tabs, in the Creator Studio.

YouTube Analytics Artists

The analytics shown in the tabs, Overview, Reach, & more, are more or less the same as the traditional channel analytics but are a bit more artist-specified, and artists will also be equipped with more sets of features.

Audience and performance insights such as impressions, clicks, demographics, retention, and engagement data are available, to give artists a rundown of the distribution of their music on the platform.

Real-time data is also available and artists can also access the new insights on the YouTube Studio Mobile app.

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Total Reach will provide artists a summary of videos uploaded to their official channels as well as the ones created and uploaded by fans, collaborators, and more.

This will apprise artists about the total audience reached on the platform through videos that contain most of the artist’s recordings, along with the videos uploaded from their official channels.

Music is also used on the platform to create dance videos, covers that traverse genres, fan videos, and more of such content that often leads to the official music videos and benefits artists too.

YouTube mentions, “On average, the top 1,000 artists on YouTube get over 20% of their chart eligible views from videos created by users”.

Song Detail, another new feature for artists enables them to see all of the videos created that use their music and contain most of their song recording and how fans are engaging with it.