12 Times Zomato made hearts glow red

Zomato 12

On Zomato’s 12th birthday, we take a look at the 12 best social media moments of Zomato making us laugh, think and order food.

It’s been a dozen years to the existence of Zomato. They have been through the thick and thin with controversies, competition, conversations and more. Each time in the last 12 years, Zomato has come up redder than before. Their core business has diversified over time and so have the possibilities of social media interactions and creatives. However, their colour scheme and font face have been consistent over the years with food and faces making guest appearances on the feed from time to time.

The brand often plays around with humour and metaphors, garnering a social media following that may not be interested in their core products. They share updates and announce things that matter to them, big and small. The faces behind the brand have come grown into people who stand by their values, irrespective of consequences. They have even tried their hand at Original content!

Here’s a walk down memory lane to some of their best moments.

Ghar Ka Khana

For Zomato, a food delivery app, to ask people to eat home-cooked food (before lockdown) was a surprising moment. It was noticed and leveraged by several brands as they took to Twitter to make their own ironic statements in response.

Zomato Boy

Earlier this year, a video featuring Sonu, happy Zomato rider had gone viral. As a response, Zomato had changed their display picture. The moment was also leveraged by several brand and government authorities on social media, highlighting the powers of his infectious smile.

Chai Chai Chai!

Chai is one of the most recurring elements in the social media content of Zomato India. They often talk about chai and kickstart wholesome conversations, nudging people to share memories and express emotions around the beverage.

OOH… Whoops

OOH advertisements prominently featuring words that are colloquially considered abuses was a bold move by Zomato. One that was hailed and criticised in equal measure on social media. Ultimately, all communication related to the campaign was taken down.


Zomato had run a campaign seeking their driver-partners to get creative and share their talents via short video recordings. The #RideToFame campaign was majorly run on TikTok. Some of the best entries were featured by the brand.


One of the most heart-touching campaigns run by Zomato was on the occasion of Mother’s Day where they asked their users to #OrderForHer. The campaign was amplified using a short digital film.


From time to time, Zomato puts up PSA messages. These are hard-hitting and humorous at the same time. Moreover, they have regional undertones and colloquial voice. One such creative was released to highlight the message: #DontDriveAndDrive.

Zomato Premier League

Cricket is a key topic for a brand to leverage in India. Along with putting up several creatives from time to time linking food and cricket, Zomato has also successfully run a Zomato Premier League, keeping followers hooked.

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Popular fiction

Zomato regularly takes inspiration from popular fiction to create content for social media. Two such posts that stood out in the flood of topicals were around Gully Boy and CID.


We’re here!

Every time Zomato extends operations to a new city, they create a wholesome post to announce the same. These either feature a food element of one that depicts the city. Often, it’s a cross between both.

Extending a helping hand

Amidst trying times, Zomato has regularly stepped up to leverage its network and reach to do good and facilitate others to help. Recently, they have been running the #FeedTheDailyWager campaign to support migrant workers and others affected by the pandemic.

Quirky announcements

To highlight the results of 2019 Indian Elections, Zomato had come up with one of the quirkiest creative. With a quirky wordplay on the winning party’s name, they were able to cut through the clutter.

Happy birthday, Zomato. May you keep creating awesome social media creatives that make consumers say — your team deserves a raise!