Agency Feature: Hash Connect

Hash Connect Agency

How do we define Hash Connect?

Founded in 2014 by Arun Roy, Hash Connect started working into experiential marketing, with a focus on using digital innovation like AR and VR for on-ground activations.

Over the years, the focus shifted to purely digital solutions. Today, Hash Connect works with industry FMCG to Technology companies on long terms strategic implementations of digital marketing technologies.

What’s in the name?

Hash Connect is all about finding the right connections. Our name signifies a ‘New Age’, ‘Digital’ way of connecting brands with its consumers.

Internally ‘Hash Connect’ attempts to stand for a work culture with great ideas and results because we ‘connect’ with each other, and try to work synchronously.

What do we do?

Hash Connect is a full-service digital marketing agency. From managing Social Media Accounts to creating a comprehensive end to end Omnichannel solutions, some of the core areas of our expertise include:

  • Full Stack MarTech Implementation
  • Conversation Commerce
    • IVR & Chatbots
    • Outbound & Inbound Call Center
    • Specialty Call Center to drive commerce
    • WhatsApp Integrations
  • Digital for Retail Solutions
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Management Systems
  • Paid Media Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google My Business (GMB) Creation & Optimization
  • App & Web Development

Why we do it?

Digital marketing offered so many exciting streams of work. We started small, entered carefully, and then just went with the flow. Today, we are happy to be working with various industry segments & more.

How we evolve?

Being at the cutting edge of technology is what keeps us going. The team at Hash Connect is always on the lookout for the ‘latest’ and the best in digital technologies that can deliver relevant results for our clients.

The ‘Council of Innovation’ at Hash Connect has 2 permanent and 5 temporary members who are responsible to study and understand the latest in digital technology and how it can work for our clients.

The ‘Wall of Connection’ at our office is open for everyone. From a summer intern to the heads of department write their latest ideas/ discoveries on a post-it and put-it-up on the wall, which is reviewed on a weekly basis.

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Social responsibility in social media

Social Media shouldn’t be seen as an organization’s notice board. It’s a moral duty of every organization to build a strong connect with each of the stakeholders through various social media channels.

For instance, Facebook could be a good engagement platform for current, past, and potential talent. LinkedIn could be used to share thought leadership content for professionals and to drive intellectual engagement. Twitter could be a great platform for every organization to build a relationship with every possible stakeholder and have an element of fun in them.

The need of the hour

  • With the ever-increasing screen time and more time being spent on the Internet by the audience, it makes sense for marketers to offer customized solutions.
  • A plethora of services can be offered to the customers to simplify their buying process with the help of technological interventions.
  • Social networking laws are not properly drafted yet.

We learned the hard way  

Online to Offline attribution (O2O) is always a much-debated topic. When the senior management of organizations, meet for reviews, investments on digital is again a lot spoken-about topic, especially in the days when the digital investment is nearing the halfway mark of marketing spends. Working our way to prove O2O attribution has been our toughest task & we managed to find success.

This has helped us believe that there’s nothing impossible and digital still remains the most measurable medium.

Did we just share that?

When a client perceives an Adobe XD presentation to be a live app!

They work with us

We work across industry segments including FMCG, Personal Computing, and Fashion. Some of our leading clients include Lenovo, ITC, Asus, Mars, and more.

The industry as we foresee

Digital marketing today is driven by MarTech. It is a strong confluence of technology with the 3 Cs – Channel, Creativity & Commerce. Technological advancements have facilitated marketers immensely and we see this field evolve better in terms of addressing and satisfying customer’s needs across the customer decision-making journey. The marketing technology services like conversational commerce, digital for retail are the future and we specialize in them.  

A day without Internet

We had one of those days last year when we went offsite deep inside Coorg.

It was a confusing start as most of us were not able to do their typical ‘routine’. However, slowly each one of us was able to find a ‘primitive’ form of fun like sitting by a river or taking a hike. By the end of the day, it was an experience that we all enjoyed. One day was more than enough.

Lastly, are you hiring?