#BinodSpot: Brands raise a toast to Binod


Given the current state of affairs, engaging in a senseless trend seems to be the only sensible thing to do, and the only fun we can have this year. Here’s to Binod.

It would require a lot of digging, a few professional investigators, an agency of private detectives, and a group of research analysts to find the roots of the Binod trend, as not just the nation but several nations want to know “What is Binod?”.

But a YouTube channel ‘SlayyPoint’ claims the trend began with a video they posted about YouTube comments, found a comment by a user who only posts his first name with no context, and then enacted a scene if and how the answer to every question can be Binod.

As not just Radhika Apte, but Indians are omnipresent, the comments sections, and Twitter feeds were spammed with Binod without context or any intention, just for fun, be it gamers’ live-streams, videos, or posts. UEFA too caught a whiff of it.

Like any other day, social media brands began engaging with the trend, with one of the firsts being Paytm. And soon brands such as Kingfisher & Bewakoof changed their names to Binod.

More brands made the trend’s popularity synonymous with the popularity of their products. After ‘I Am Batman’, ‘I Am Binod’ is the next in-thing, Paytm, State Bank of India, Mumbai Police revealed who is Binod, and adapted to promote online safety & precautions.

More brands surf on the topical wave.

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Bumble India

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Comment Binod if you agree ?‍♀️

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Amazon Prime Video

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Binod is smart. Be like #Binod.

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State Bank of India


As #Binod As #Y30 is trendy Price-Y30 (4 GB + 64 GB)- Rs, 24,999Y30 ( 4 GB + 128 GB) – Rs 27,999Available In Nepal#vivoNepal #Y30 #TrendInside-Out

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Netflix India

Mumbai Police

Surat City Traffic Police

Bigg Boss


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