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Aug 21, 2020 06:15 IST
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Senior Citizens

We take you down the path of heartwarming campaigns, en route you shall see some of the best stories featuring senior citizens.

Brands love to tell stories. They take up varied issues and highlight them using their platform, among their consumer base and extended communities. Sometimes, these efforts result in heartwarming tales that cut across demographics and find space in hearts. Looking at such campaigns, we found that some of the best among them feature senior citizens.

Such ads often have inherent warmth in them, making them a compelling watch. They are up to the brim with emotions such as the joy of discovery, nostalgia about lived experiences and childlike glee at the experiences that are yet come. Some also touch upon loneliness, wisdom and health issues.

From a branding perspective, it helps extend the scope of business. It gives them the means to express how their products are relevant to senior persons. It also adds a layer of gifting aspect to the product use case scenarios, capturing the imagination of adults, with spending capacity, to buy these products and experiences for their parents.

Here are some of the best campaigns we found that feature stories about the lives of senior citizens.

HelpAge India

McDonald's India

Amazon India


Saregama Carvaan


Google India



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British Airways

Fortune Foods

Friends Diaper

Axis Bank

Thomas Cook

Parachute Advanced


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