Case Study: How Slice India summer campaign redefined Indian phenomenon of 'Aam ki Peti'

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Slice India Summer campaign

In an attempt to satiate its consumers for the mango season, Slice India Summer campaign, #SliceKiPeti, was created in tandem to the concept of 'Aam Ki Peti', driving engagement through social media.

Slice India Summer campaign put forth Slice as the solution to satiate mango cravings this summer with 'Slice Ki Peti' as an alternative to the concept of Aam Petis.

The case study understands how the Slice India Summer campaign helped the brand drive conversations during the summer season which coincided with lockdown this year.



'Slice' represents the Mango based soft drinks segment for PepsiCo India. The brand was launched in India in 1993 as a mango drink and rebranded as Tropicana Slice in 2014. Slice has been one of the leading brands in the mango juice category. The product is made using the best quality mangoes sourced from across the country and focuses on the experience of indulgence and pure mango pleasure.


As Slice learned through its social media listening that there has been a surge in social media conversations around consumers' cravings for mango this summer, the brand built on insight by launching an influencer-led digital campaign to give a twist to the age-old consumer behavior of buying 'aam ki peti'. The new campaign aimed to position #SliceKiPeti as the solution to satiate the mango cravings in the season.



Slice and PepsiCo have been active in listening to their consumers and remaining focused on evolving their offerings to meet the ever-changing consumer needs – whether this is via products or campaigns. With a surge in consumers taking to social media on their love and longing for mangoes, this season, Slice launched the digital campaign with its latest offering - #SliceKiPeti. The objective for the campaign was -

  • Dial

    up conversations around mango cravings on social media
  • Position

    #SliceKiPeti as the perfect solution to satiate the mango taste cravings
  • Drive

    salience and trials for #SliceKiPeti


This year, Slice, observed that in the months of April and May, social media was abuzz with mango-related conversations. Aam-loving netizens were collectively waiting for the arrival of their favorite fruit and talking about the topic on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

To ensure that this craving is satiated at the right time, Slice rolled out a digital-led campaign that centered around the brand's new offering #SliceKiPeti and the influencers who attempted to generate fresh content to instill the cravings for mangoes in the audience and present 'Slice Ki Peti' as the perfect solution at this time.



For most of the people, mangoes come home in the iconic ‘Aam Ki Peti’ and these ‘petis’ keep arriving till the end of mango season to mark summer. To honor the nostalgia associated with this concept, Slice brought forth the new campaign that focused on #SliceKiPeti to serves it as an alternative to mangoes, positioned as the thickest and juiciest mango drink in India.


This was one of the most time-bound and topical campaigns which were targeted at the mango season. Hence, it was important to roll out this campaign timely as the summer and mango season was at its peak for it to be relatable and relevant.

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The campaign was executed in phases. It commenced with a banter between Arjun Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. The conversation was followed by content creators to create nostalgia for mangoes in the country & micro-influencers to reach audiences in key cities.


The brand collaborated with a mix of both macro and micro influencers across the country, to drive this concept on social media. Content creators such as Bharti Singh, Shehnaaz Gill, Kusha Kapila, and others engaged with audiences using ‘mango inspired’ spins on classic Bollywood dialogues.

Slice also moved after Bollywood star Arjun Kapoor posted about Mangoes, Katrina Kaif, and Slice. In a days’ time, Arjun Kapoor received a Slice Ki Peti from Katrina Kaif to quench his mango cravings.


Apart from devising this social media campaign, the brand relied on social listening to analyze both qualitative and quantitative metrics.


Spanning 23 influencers, the brand managed to garner 143 Million total Impressions, 7 Million engagement, and a whopping reach of 54 Million on social media across Slice brand handle and influencer social media handles spanning Facebook and Instagram.

Slice Ki Peti memes alone saw a reach of 1.4 Million and garnered a total of 2.1 Million impressions with a total of 206K engagement.


By rolling out a timely campaign that attempted to capture consumer insights, Slice managed to position itself as a frontrunner in the mango-beverage industry.

With the choice of the right influencers to drive the message, the campaign enjoyed organic conversations on social media. #SliceWithShenaaz instantly became viral, with the hashtag trending for 7 hours on twitter at the coveted #1 spot and #31 worldwide in 1 day. Organic fan art followed with memes, posts, and tweets about the campaign and #SliceWithShehnaaz that added to the overall success.


“The onset of summers brings with it the craving for mangoes and mango lovers across the country look forward to the season often buying and gifting 'Aam ki Petis; to enjoy their favorite fruit.  Keeping this in mind, Slice is offering a thicker and tastier mango experience with #Slicekipeti to consumers for the perfect summer indulgence”, Vineet Sharma, Director, Juices, PepsiCo India.

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