COVID-19: A voyage through Europe lockdown campaigns

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Europe campaigns

Explore the subjects tapped, formats seized, communications transmitted, and creative methods that surfaced during the pandemic through campaigns from Europe.

With campaigns from countries such as Estonia, Netherlands, France, Ukraine, and many more, we scout through the continent of Europe and discern how the ongoing scenario and everyday happenings transform the conveyance. The campaigns commonly do not concentrate on selling a product but adding a sort of value to the consumers' lives.

Precautionary Information

Several formats to communicate preventive information has been observed but Europe brings in a few more. The Unskippable Preroll by Leo Burnett Moscow for McDonald's Russia brings a common internet habit to draw attention to a practice that can't be missed.

Lenses have made most video activities fun, the agency Happiness turns them into warning prompts for IFRC to restrain a habit most of us have been hardwired into. Precautionary Tutorials by Twitch communicates information in the gaming language.

Havas Creative Group Ukraine created an ingenious and amusing campaign comprising of static and a video advert for Helsi called Mask The Tunnels, in an attempt to solve a common problem observed with the people of Ukraine (but is universal) that makes wearing masks useless.

Mask The Tunnels - Helsi

The Unskippable Preroll - McDonald's Russia

How To Stop Touching Your Face - IFRC

Precautionary Tutorials - Twitch

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse has been on the rise around the world since the containment measures have been placed. While a home is regarded as a safe haven for most of us, several are locked up with an abuser and face mental torture, physical violence, and sexual abuse.

#IsolateViolence by Cheil Centrade Romania for ANAIS Association portrayed an abuser's wrath within a house through animation, and #HomeIsntSafe created by Marianne Paris for Ni Putes Ni Soumises used a simple but effective way of storytelling through notifications on the screen of a victim.

Havas Estonia tapped several pop culture references for a 20-seconder and static visuals for the campaign - Don't Be Silent, for Victim Support Estonia & Estonian National Social Insurance Board.

Don't Be Silent - Victim Support Estonia &Estonian National Social Insurance Board

ANAIS Association – #IsolateViolence

Ni Putes Ni Soumises – #HomeIsntSafe

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Buzzman creates an amusing campaign for Burger King France to portray the safety measures they adhere to. Wikberg&Frisk (Stockholm) & Nordax Bank give an atypical turn to the Swedish holiday - Midsummer to continue the celebrations with a socially distant environment.

MUW Saatchi & Saatchi and Creative Director Jaroslav Vígh, add an amusing tone to a frustrating problem most of us have been facing, to communicate an improvement of the service by Telekom.

We've Sped Up Your Internet - Telekom

Consignes Of Sécurité Ft. Captain Fred Testot - Burger King

Pepplån #5 - Nordax Bank


Coca-Cola & George the Poet with the agency 72andSunny, Hyundai with Havas Group (Spain), Sécurité Routière with Serviceplan, Babel, & Madame Bovary encourage us to catch hindsight of the future we beheld and use the lessons from this discourse called pandemic to lead a better tomorrow.

When We Get Out - Hyundai

Speed Of Deconfinement - Sécurité Routière

Open Like Never Before - Coca Cola

More Campaigns

More campaigns from Europe portray the current lifestyle, gratitude for the frontline workers, and encouragement towards aiding the more vulnerable groups of the society.

Brave - OTB Foundation

Ode To The Hands That Saved Us - Jooble

Heroes Stay Home - Sherlock

Stay Home Grandma - Public Interest

Come Together - Vodafone Ireland

If we have missed out on any of your favorite campaigns themed around the pandemic, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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