Facebook Chat Plugin now enables more consumers to reach businesses

Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat Plugin that enables businesses to converse with their consumers on the website has now enabled consumers to chat with the business without logging into Facebook.

With the new update for Facebook Chat Plugin, more consumers who do not have a Facebook account or have not logged into their Facebook account would be prompted to inquire about a product or get their queries addressed.

Facebook Chat

With the growing number of transactions occurring online due to several and intermittent containment measures in place, Chat Plugin bringing the Messenger experience directly on to the website can help streamline the shopping experience.

It may also aid in more conversions as businesses can keep the visitors engaged from the browsing stage (when a consumer comes with a query) until they checkout.

Facebook Chat

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Businesses with a Facebook Page can install the free Chat Plugin on their website via the Facebook Page settings or via Facebook’s partners such as WooCommerce, ManyChat, and Haravan.

For WordPress, click here to install the official chat plugin from the Plugin Store.

For all other websites, use the following steps:

  • On your Page, click Settings and select Messaging.
  • Scroll down to ‘Add Messenger to your website’, click ‘Get Started’.
  • You can customize the plugin. Set a greeting message, response time, and theme color to suit your business needs. Enter the website domain(s) you’d like to add Messenger to. An example of a website domain is https://jaspers-market.com.
  • Once you’ve finished, the setup tool will automatically generate a code that you can copy/paste to your web page.

Small and local businesses who have been impacted by the pandemic, or have been forced to shut their physical outlets, and are attempting to grow their business online, can use the Chat Plugin as a means to communicate with the consumers.

With more initiatives by Facebook such as Summer Of Support, launched under the Boost With Facebook program, businesses can also acquire free training, a hub of resources, tools, and insights from experts, to grow their business on all Facebook-owned commerce platforms.

If you anticipate any more use case scenarios or applications of the new feature, write to us at [email protected] or let us know in the comments below.