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Here are a few important updates from the Facebook app being tested and rolled out from the latest announcements.

Important updates being tested on the Facebook app include new metrics for Facebook Groups and TikTok-like new feature.

#Testing: Post-Level Metrics In Groups

Facebook is testing metrics for individual posts in Facebook Groups. The metrics include unique users seeing the post, engagement by reactions, comments, shares, and clicks.

This feature will be tested only with a small number of groups, with posts created after the feature is released, on all devices over the next few months.

Every post also shows the number of active members in the Group at the time of post. Although Facebook says, "A member is considered active at the time of post if they have viewed Group content in the Group or News Feed in the past 28 days".

A precise and useful version of this metric could've been a number of active members online during the date & time of the post. The metric would've helped admins choose or experiment with the time of posts to gain maximum engagement, the 28-day period is functional but vague.

Admins can see the reach below each post, with a clickable option 'View Insights', that provides more details.

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#Testing: Short-Videos

They said make hay while the sun shines, and Facebook is making hay while TikTok is facing an interim ban. The announcement of the ban was followed by the launch of Instagram Reels, a replica of TikTok, and now Facebook is also testing a similar called 'Short Videos'.

Short Videos will be available as a section in Home Feed, and once a video is opened in full-screen, users can scroll through vertically to browse more videos, alike TikTok.

Users can overlay music, add custom text, and upload videos up to 26 seconds of length, longer videos can be trimmed manually, according to a user having access to the test.

Since TikTok's ban in India, a lot of similar apps have come up, although Reels within Instagram has been the only one to gain some sort of reciprocation. YouTube is another player experimenting with short-format multi-segmented videos but hasn't rolled it out on a wider scale yet.

Screenshot Source: @MattNavarra

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