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Paawan Sunam
Aug 21, 2020 13:05 IST
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Social media brands give us a view of the answers consumers are looking for (not in the incognito mode) with #GoogleSearchHistory brand posts.

Netflix India gave the age-old Search History joke a visual format with a look into tabs open in a Netflix user's browser. The #GoogleSearchHistory format was then picked up by several social media brands, although it's not a trend amongst the general social media users.

Being one of the most used search engines, Google UI has often been used for marketing campaigns. An early and eminent example is The Autocomplete Truth by UN Women. The UI has entered the topical arena too previously with #DidYouMean brand posts.

The search history posts are not visually ingenious but have been used for product integrations and brand communications in a way that is as casual and candid as one's search history.

Entertainment brands such as Phantom Productions, Comedy Central, IIFA Awards, and more continue to seek unanswered questions presiding the popular culture around movies & series.

Unwanted 21days,, Berger Paints, Dabur Honey, and more filled the tabs with common problems that their products can solve.

More brands share relatable instances through what their consumers' search history would look like, maintain the questions filled on Google can be answered by them, and sustain themselves as the answer to the consumers' problems.

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Netflix India


Comedy Central India

Tossin Pizza

Unwanted 21days


Berger Paints

IIFA Awards

Dabur Honey

Star Plus Middle East


Kotak Life Insurance

Colors TV


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