Inside: Bandish Bandits marketing strategy attempts to keep the buzz alive

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Aug 28, 2020 07:52 IST
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Bandish Bandits marketing strategy

As Bandish Bandits attempts to take us on a musical sojourn, so does its marketing strategy, that leverages music & modern dating techniques on social media through content collaborations, brand associations, & more.

Bandish Bandits follows the core theme of classical meets western, to showcase the rendezvous of two different worlds along with millennial dating methods & the marketing strategy reflects this theme well.

As the new series attempts to take us on a musical sojourn, so does its marketing tactics, that leverages music & modern dating techniques on social media through content collaborations, brand associations, ">millennial lingo, the launch of exclusive Instagram filters, trending formats & features such as going &list=PLnDtU5TPOGGAd60Rs44xVMnOoZJyAbJ1c&index=15&t=0s">live on social media platforms.

Bandish Bandits Instagram Filter

We take a look at the marketing strategy where the main hashtag used is #BandishBandits by Amazon Prime Video across social media channels.

Teaser Trailer

After the teaser trailer presenting the glimpses of the new series, the marketers released another teaser just a day before the official trailer launch.

Leveraging the trend of announcing trailers and speaking with people over an online video call in this new normal, Amazon Prime Video displayed Kunaal Roy Kapoor a.k.a 'Arghya', donning the hat of a marketer where he brings together prominent actors playing varied characters on other shows of the OTT platform. What follows is chaos, fun & Kapoor sharing a CTA for the trailer launch, the next day.

Trailer Release

Bandish Bandit trailer was launched on 20th July 2020.


Song Releases

Bandish Bandits is based solely on music, hence the song launches form a crucial part of the marketing tactics followed by BTS posts.

Labb Par Aaye

Character Intros

Reigning the series, the marketers released a series of character intro posts with Naseeruddin Shah as the Guru & Samrat of Hindustani classical music followed by the lead pair of Shreya & Ritwik. 

Sangeet Samrat 

Pop Sensation: Tamanna

Dialogues promos & BTS

Trailer & song releases are balanced with simultaneous posts showcasing behind-the-scene footage of the series that includes making of the song videos & dialogues posts on social media platforms

Making of Sajan Bin

Music Vs Love

Brand Associations

For Bandish Bandits' marketing strategy, we come across a few brand associations & campaigns in tandem to the central theme of modern love, fashion & youth other than music.

Center fresh #PopToMyRaag

This campaign leverages two keywords in-line with the underlying theme of two worlds - Pop & Raag, featuring the lead duo, urging viewers to share the Pop to their Raag with their images, in this engagement tactic.

With this campaign, the brand adopted the content extension tactic, extracting the show characters and placing them in the brand universe.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

Lakme India

Content Assets

As online content consumption increased over the lockdown, the show leveraged & brought forth prominent series & formats.

Leveraging virtual dates on Love in 2020

Friendship Test

Kaun Banega Dulha?

Both Prime Video series, Mirzapur & Bandish Bandits, present the same set of parents for characters of Radhe & Guddu from the respective series. This was leveraged by marketers for a short promo video using the crossover as a marketing tactic.

Influencer & Celebrity Outreach

The series also collaborated with content creators and celebrity influencers to bring out the flavor of the show through the lead characters.

Katrina Kaif

A lot of actors often showcase support for their friends in the fraternity. This time, Katrina Kaif jumped the bandwagon with 'Instagram Reels', congratulating the director, Anand Tiwari & the producer, Amritpal Bindra, for the series.

Zakir Khan

The marketing strategy also involved collaborating with content creators such as Zakir Khan & Aishara Ahmed.

Aishara Ahmed

Couple games

Celebrities such as Virushka, amongst others have been seen urging individuals to engage in couple games with their partners through social media, creating UGC. The lead duo leveraged the trend as part of the marketing tactics.

Trending post formats

Most of the post formats related to music, memes, and even musical cross overs made a part of their trending content strategy.

Birth Month song

Correlating your birth month to favorite songs, movies, food, and more - these kind of social media posts have been popular amongst audiences. The marketers capitalized on the post format to connect the birth month to Bandish Bandits songs.

Mimicking Memes

Month X Vibes - Trending format

Miscellaneous: Caption this, Cross over & Audience Reaction Posts

View this post on Instagram

let's go ?

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what is this, a crossover episode ?

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A typical style of marketing by Amazon Prime Video is sharing the reactions posts by the actors from the associated series to encapsulate the content genre & perception of the viewers. 

Overall, the Bandish Bandits marketing strategy followed the core theme of the intermingling of the western & classical music world. It revolved around ongoing content marketing trends reflected & attempted to keep the buzz alive even after the release of the show. Has this increased the show's shelf life? A little for sure.

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