#SSWellnessWatch: Kimirica & selling luxurious self-care on Instagram

Kimirica Instagram

With product shots, discounts, humour, influencer marketing and vouchers on engagement, here’s how Kimirica leverages Instagram to drive conversions.

Kimirica is a luxurious vegan brand with fragrant offerings across exotic bath and body collections. Right from product packaging and pricing to display on Instagram, there is a strong sense of exclusivity in the brand communication put forth by Kimirica. They are not as active on other social media platforms. We take a deeper look at their profile grid and dissect the various elements that come to their aid as they try to keep up the momentum for their 11K followers.

Product shots

Being a premium brand, Kimirica products have minimalistic packaging that they leverage on social media. Most of their Instagram grid is made up of product shots in a variety of settings, telling and propelling their brand story.


A significant number of posts by Kimirica are about discounts on their products. For a brand with a price range in hundreds, such posts help allure people with an intent to become regulars after a discounted taste of luxury.

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Though the posts are comparatively less in number, humour does find a decent space in Kimirica’s communication on Instagram. It helps cut across the clutter and add a slice of shareability to their brand posts.

Influencer marketing

Thought Kimirica has not indulged in much influencer marketing in recent months, one could assume because of the pandemic, they do have a good share of posts where influencers, as well as users, tag them in posts, often with a focus on product packaging. Last October they ran an influencer campaign to highlight their gift packages.

Vouchers on engagement

With simple creatives seeking a one-word answer or one that gives people the space to tell their stories, Kimirica tries to engage with consumers. In a few cases, such engagement is incentivised with vouchers.

As aspect of Kimirica’s social media and business strategy that makes them inclusive in a way is how they focus a lot on discounts and vouchers. It helps them reel in people, with a possibility of e-commerce conversions.