LinkedIn launches new features for Sales Navigator

Paawan Sunam
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LinkedIn Sales

LinkedIn has introduced new additions to the Sales Navigator with features that give a better understanding of buyers and maintain a warm relationship with them.

With several containment measures in place and decreased opportunities for physical outlets, LinkedIn has launched the features for Sales Navigator in an attempt to provide an experience at par with face-to-face assistance, and also optimize the online experience.

Intelligent Action

The platform has launched new alerts and enhancements that notify businesses about potential opportunities and significant updates.

Buyer Interest Alerts

Buyer Interest Alerts provides intent insights about employees or leadership at a saved account that have engaged with the company's LinkedIn Page or website.

With the buyer intent models, the platform allows companies to target users who have an intent to purchase in a timely manner. With insights that can aid companies to modify their approach. Interest Alerts will continue to be enhanced with more insights.

LinkedIn Sales

Relevant Alerts

The platform will show the most significant alerts that would aid building and sustaining a relationship with a potential buyer, predicted through an artificial intelligence model.

LinkedIn Sales

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CRM Sync Enhancements

The new 'CRM Sync Enhancements' auto-save CRM leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities, binding Sales Navigator and CRM together and help in maintaining relationships in a punctual & prompt manner.

The feature provides alerts and insights on all CRM records(People & Companies).

LinkedIn Outreach Activity

LinkedIn Outreach Activity has been added as a column to Lead Lists, that will include:

  • InMail and Messages sent by you, the Sales Navigator user, and the corresponding response, including the response received and/or attachment clicked
  • Connection requests sent by you/the Sales Navigator user from Sales Navigator and LinkedIn, and corresponding response, if accepted
  • Smart Links sent by you/the Sales Navigator user, and the corresponding response, if opened
LinkedIn Sales

With the enhanced alerts, you'd be able to hold a buyer in the same manner you'd be able to when they walk into your office or take a meeting with you, and maintain a cordial correspondence with the improved CRM.

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