#SSWellnessWatch: mCaffeine & gender inclusive self-care communication on social media

mCaffeine social media

Genderless wellness seems to be stitched into the fabric of the brand ethos at mCaffeine, we look into how they portray it on social media.

There isn’t much about one’s gender when it comes to a product like a body scrub or a face mask. Skin type might be an important consideration, sure. For the most part, it is something that can be sold without gender-specific marketing. A simple scroll through the social media pages of mCaffeine illustrates a practical example of the same. We take a closer look at the type of posts the brand puts up and how it helps them stand out in the clutter.

Product usage shots

A good mix of gender-neutral product usage can be seen across social media posts of mCaffeine. The same product is seen as being used by men and women. Instead of going into the specifics of who all can use it, they stick to the goodness of coffee, coffee dates, indulgence and self-care.

Influencers & celebs

Influencers and celebrities chosen for social media posts of each product sold by mCaffeine include men and women. These include scrubs, face washes and masks. The idea of self-indulgence is constant across all these posts. This also reflects in the posts depicting couples and how these are products they can use together.

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Recent campaigns run by mCaffeine on social media, especially Valentine’s Day and Rakshabandhan concentrated on visuals that where both persons could make use of the product. The aspect of inclusivity could also be seen in the selection of non-heterosexual couples/partners.

For products that don’t necessarily have anything to do with one’s sexual orientation or gender preference, non-gender-specific visuals are perhaps the best first step towards inclusivity in communication. The social media presence of mCaffiene is perhaps a good case study to learn from.