Messenger Rooms introduces personalization features

Messenger Personalization

Messenger Rooms has been enhanced with new personalization features to improve the experience with AR Effects, Filters, and more.

Personalization Features For Messenger Rooms

In addition to personalization features such as AR effects, immersive 360-degree backgrounds, and mood lighting filters, Messenger Rooms is starting to roll out a new way to personalize room and video chats on mobile.

The platform is also introducing the ability to customize the background with one’s own photos so users can now video chat from their favorite places. Users can also customize their background with a funny home video.

Messenger Personalization

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Create, Join and Manage Rooms within Messenger 

The platform is also rolling out a new way to create and discover Rooms within Messenger on mobile – users can now create, share, manage, and drop by a room from within the app. Within Messenger, users’ll be able to:

  • Discover Rooms: Rooms that users have been invited to will show up at the top of the Chats tab in the Inbox. 
  • Create Rooms: Ability to create a room is front and center in the Chats tab.
  • Edit Rooms: Users can create a room with a default, suggested or custom activity, set a future start date, and customize the audience selection.
  • Manage Rooms: View, join, and edit the rooms created. Users can also invite more people to a scheduled room and delete a room they don’t want to be active anymore.
  • Share Rooms: Send notifications to ensure invited friends don’t miss out.


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