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Paperboat Campaigns

Unpacking Paperboat Campaigns that did not sell the product, but sold an experience, the experience of reliving childhood memories.

The brand's soul is being the bridge that one uses to make their way into a time when the world was much smaller, ambitions were much bigger, we would believe in miracles and not in the vices of the world. The sense of taste and smell is often expressed as that bridge.

This is the crux of all their campaigns, whether in short or long format. The 20-seconder ads such as 'Ma, Me and our Little Secret' and 'An Ode to our Friendship', conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, with the poems written & narrated by Gulzar Saab are as evocative as Gulzar Saab's writing and his voice.

The short-format video ads teleport viewers into their childhood memories and sell the experience a sip of the drink could give. The long format campaigns such as 'My First Train Ride', and 'Rizwan' built on the foundation of the brand's effective storytelling.

Rizwan by Humour Me was conceptualized while listening to Raj Kapoor's music and delving into folklores narrated by grandmothers. It won several awards and emerged as the campaign that had the "lowest cost per view rate in the history of YouTube advertising".

The long-format video campaign 'A Paper Boat Ride Down The River Of Memories' with lyrics and narration by Gulzar Saab, concept and script by Karishma Lintas (Bangalore), directed by Rajesh Ramaswamy, and Ganesh and Kumaresh recreating the magical music from Malgudi Days, the campaign depicts the essence of the brand.

With a color palette that paints a dewy-eyed picture, stories that revive the child within, a subtle but effective brand integration in the climax, and lyrics by Gulzaar Saab that no adjectives can suffice, the campaign is one of the best pieces by the brand.

With Paperboat Campaigns stirring a longing, we revive the memories of a memory and sail through the jovial past.

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A Paper Boat Ride Down The River Of Memories


Ma, Me and our Little Secret

An Ode to our Friendship

Aam Panna

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When I Grow Up (Children's Day)

Waiting for Ma. Waiting for Anar.

Confessions by Siblings (Raksha Bandhan)

A Little Glass For Little Me (Tamil)

When I Grow Up

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