#SSWellnessWatch: Mask phenomenon gets Maybelline to focus on eye makeup content

Maybelline eye makeup content

We take a look at how Maybelline New York is leveraging mask-induced eye makeup trends with influencers and content creation to stay relevant among consumers.

The ongoing pandemic has pushed people into their homes, leaving very few opportunities to go out, except for times they are stepping out for essential work. Even on such occasions, they have their masks on, making their approach to makeup rather different by default. Eye makeup is thus an important tool for brands to focus on, something Maybelline seems to be on top of, considering their content strategy on social media.


With a focus on their Colossal Mascara offering, Maybelline ran a social media campaign called #PopLashPlay. Here, beauty influencers took to Instagram and YouTube to create content around the mascara product. While on the former platform, the how-to videos were put in a specific four-window format, the latter was more about long-form conversations around the use. The visuals were supplemented with giveaways and discount codes that followers and participants can use to buy the mascara. Related campaign assets were also shared on Facebook.

#PopLashPlay – Debasree

Debasree took the #PopLashPlay challenge with Maybelline Colossal Mascara. It’s simple – just pop the bottle open, lash it up and have fun with everyday eye looks!Use the coupon code Debasree10 & get your hands on the Colossal Mascara with exciting offers!Shop now at https://amzn.to/2ULGuKO

Posted by Maybelline New York on Monday, July 13, 2020

Focus on eye-makeup

Looking at their efforts abroad, one can see a strong focus on Color Strike eyeshadow shades and Falsies Lashlift mascara. A face mask makes an appearance in several of their posts on Instagram. Product shots of various eye makeup product offerings are also a common trend on the page. Though they are still going strong on lipstick and face makeup, these stand out upon scrolling. Beauty and makeup influencers can be seen creating content around various possible looks with a heavy focus on eye-makeup.

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Content and conversations

In addition to influencer marketing, Maybelline has also been pushing its range of eye makeup products with engaging content, including posts and live sessions. They have been regularly going live with experts to talk about eye makeup and tips & tricks on how to get it right at home. The correct, as well as the artistic use of their products, is discussed in such sessions. Other engaging posts are where they are seeking responses from fans/consumers.

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With COVID-19 making masks an integral part of everyone’s lives, focussing on eye makeup is a strategy that can help beauty and makeup brands stay relevant to consumers. When working with influencers, conversions are bound to be an important part of marketing conversations, something brands seem to be serious about. Use of discount coupons in such posts illustrates the same. Live sessions are also an important part of the strategy.