Twitter adds translate bio option for app users

Twitter translate bio

Illustrating how the feature could help fans connect with K-Pop artists, Twitter has announced the translate bio option for iOS and Android app users.

For users looking for their favourite global icons on the platform, Twitter has added the translate bio option to appear under profile bios that are different from the language the user uses the platform in. Interestingly, Twitter announced the feature with reference to K-Pop artists.

The move is bound to help the discoverability of accounts of various persons of interest and newsmakers, including politicians, authorities, celebrities and journalists. The translations will be powered by Google Translate.

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With the rising global fan following of K-Pop artists, including in India, especially given the push by Spotify, the genre is on the rise. This has led to a growth in the number of persons interested in knowing about their favourite artists.

While language doesn’t seem much of a hurdle for the fans consuming their music, it is a bit of a challenge when it comes to connecting with them on social media. Thus, the need for innovation to facilitate better connections and experiences.

The option to translate tweets and even profile bios is already available to users on desktop. Mobile app users have had the option to translate tweets for a while. Adding the option to translate profile bios is expected to help with the discoverability aspect of profiles, making the platform slightly more structurally inclusive for all users and their communication needs.