Twitter Updates: Conversation Settings & Warning Prompts

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Twitter updates

Twitter updates include the global roll-out of Conversation Settings, and Warning Prompts launched in the testing phase, to improve the quality of conversations on the platform.

Conversation Settings was previously launched in the testing phase, and after gauging its response and feedback by users, Twitter has rolled it out with more updates.

Conversation Settings

Twitter has rolled out conversation settings that limit the people who can reply to their tweet, globally.

The new conversation settings on Twitter has three options:

  • Everyone (Default)
  • Only people you follow
  • Only people you mention

The setting is available in The Tweet Composer itself, a user can tap it, choose the desired option, and select a setting.

Twitter updates

Users can still view, like, retweet, retweet with comment, and share the Tweet. The

We tested, you Tweeted, and now we’re rolling it out to everyone!

— Twitter (@Twitter) August 11, 2020 target="_blank">feature has been launched in an attempt to maintain a specific tone of the conversation by limiting deviating and unwanted replies that may change the course of the discussion.

Once a user has published a Tweet, they cannot change the reply settings of that particular Tweet.

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#Testing: Warning Prompts

Twitter is testing warning prompts that urge a user to choose their words again when they resort to abusive or harmful language when they are involved in a heated discussion or are conversing on a topic they feel passionate about.

In such cases, a user may not be able to think straight, and with a clouded judgment they may end up saying mean things. For such scenarios Twitter is testing warning prompts that give users a chance to limit their replies.

Now testing on Android, iOS, and Web, the prompt will also include information on why the user is seeing it, and Twitter says they have also improved consideration of the context of why the language has been used.

Tweets detected as potentially harmful or offensive will show a prompt with three options 'Revise', 'Delete', and 'Send'.

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